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After immersing yourself in the fascinating stories of The Original Boston Mob Tour, indulge in a culinary delight in Boston’s North End. This historic neighborhood offers a variety of dining options, from authentic Italian eateries to cozy bakeries. Whether you’re craving traditional pasta, fresh seafood, mouth-watering pizza, or sweet pastries, there’s a perfect spot to satisfy your appetite and complete your day of exploration. Enjoy the rich flavors and welcoming atmosphere of these iconic North End establishments.

Welcome to the culinary heart of Boston’s North End! Discover a diverse selection of eateries that capture the essence of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, each offering unique and delightful dining experiences. From the comforting flavors of Nando Trattoria and the fresh, innovative dishes at Rabia’s Dolce Fumo, to the renowned Old World style pizza at Ernesto’s and the traditional family recipes at La Famiglia Spagnuolo, there’s something for everyone. Don’t forget to indulge in the sweet treats from Modern Pastry Shop and savor the authentic Sicilian delights at Galleria Umberto.

Embark on a flavorful journey and experience the best of Boston’s historic North End.

Nando Ristorante Enoteca

Nando Trattoria is a cozy Italian restaurant located in Boston’s North End. They serve a variety of authentic Italian dishes, including homemade pastas, wood-fired pizzas, fresh seafood, and classic desserts. With a focus on using fresh, high-quality ingredients, the menu offers something for everyone, from hearty meat dishes to vegetarian options.

Location: 393 Hanover Street, Boston, MA 02113

Rabia's Dolce Fumo

Rabia’s Dolce Fumo, located in Boston’s North End, offers a delightful mix of Italian and seafood cuisine. The restaurant features a seasonal menu with sharable appetizers, mouth-watering main courses, indulgent desserts, and a variety of craft cocktails, mocktails, beer, and wine. The cozy atmosphere with artwork by Giovanni DeCunto makes it a perfect spot for both intimate and larger gatherings.

Location: 73 Salem Street, Boston, MA 02113

Cini Linguine

Cini’s, located in Boston’s TD Garden District, specializes in modern, bite-sized arancini called “cinis.” Founded by Joe Spagnuolo, a fourth-generation North End Italian, Cini’s offers a variety of flavorful fillings. Perfect for a quick snack or catering, their products are available in retail and wholesale across New England and beyond.

Location: 252 Friend St, Boston, MA 02114

Ernesto's Pizza

Ernesto’s Pizza in Boston’s North End is known for its authentic and delicious Old World style pizza. For over 30 years, they have been serving a variety of fresh-baked slices that attract both locals and tourists. Their menu features classic and specialty pizzas, along with options for dine-in, takeout, and delivery.

Location: 69 Salem Street, Boston, MA 02113

La Famiglia Spagnuolo

La Famiglia Spagnuolo in Boston’s North End offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere with a focus on traditional Italian cuisine. The restaurant serves a variety of dishes including hearty pastas, flavorful seafood, and classic Italian desserts. It’s an ideal spot for both family gatherings and intimate dinners, providing a true taste of Italy in the heart of Boston.

Location: 286-288 Hanover Street, Boston, MA 02113

Modern Pastries

Modern Pastry Shop is a beloved, family-owned bakery located in Boston’s North End. Specializing in Italian and American pastries for over 90 years, they offer a wide variety of treats including freshly made cannolis, cakes, pies, cookies, and traditional Italian desserts. Their pastries are known for their authenticity and quality, making them a staple for both locals and visitors seeking a sweet indulgence.

Location: 257 Hanover Street, Boston, MA 02113

Galleria Umberto

Galleria Umberto is a popular spot in Boston’s North End, known for its authentic Sicilian-style pizza and casual dining atmosphere. They serve delicious pizza, calzones, arancini, and other traditional Italian dishes. The restaurant operates on a cash-only basis and is known for its long lines, as it often sells out early in the day. It’s a great place for a quick, affordable, and tasty lunch.

Location: 289 Hanover Street, Boston, MA 02113

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